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Allied Healthcare Provider Testimonial

Thank you for stopping by to review our Allied Health testimonial. The MB Healthcare Providers Network and Diagnostic Services-Shared Health provide services to multiple disciplines across the province. See below a testimonial from a staff that worked for a regional health authority.

Derrick Sanderson, Regional Pharmacy Director
The Pas MB, Northern Regional Health

Derrick Sanderson has been a practicing pharmacist in The Pas for eight years and has worked for the Northern Health Region as the Regional Pharmacy Director.

Derrick grew up and was raised in The Pas. He studied at the University of Manitoba where he received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and chose to practice in The Pas because working in a rural practice gives him the opportunity to work closely with the healthcare team in a variety of program areas. These areas can include, but are not limited to general medicine, palliative care, pediatrics, dialysis, cancer care, emergency and I can be a leader in best practices here.

Derrick Sanderson, Regional Pharmacy Director "One of the things I like most is the diversity of my practice and while I may not be the expert in any one area, I have developed contacts that I can consult with on specialized cases.

The Northern Health region gave me the opportunity and support to take on a leadership role in the organization and to work collaboratively to institute positive change."

The top 3 things that Derrick enjoys about living in Manitoba:

1. Although the geography of this province is large, hospital pharmacists in the province are a small group and work in collaboration to advance the practice and optimize the service we provide for our patients.

2. I love the outdoors and Manitoba has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

3. With my job, I travel throughout Manitoba and every community that I have visited welcomed me as if I had lived there for years.

Derrick says that from his experience in working in Manitoba

"Hospital pharmacists within the province promote patient safety and encourage collaboration to ensure that we can provide the best possible care in an ever changing healthcare system."